Who am I? It's an important question when writing a biography.  It all depends on a point of view. Here is me thinking about myself and now that I write this I'm thinking about myself thinking about myself while writing down what I'm thinking about myself until all thoughts turn into an ever imploding or expanding mandelbrot like cycle.

In short. I'm a fractal of self awareness of the all encompassing infinite energy.

How important is my sense of Me? What about my body and the gravitational pull towards the earth? My relationships with other people? My work as an artist? Zoom in deep enough and all you'll see is energy and matter and that one thing that keeps it all together. Zoom out far enough and all sense of self disappears  in space and time and all that is left is the one thing that keeps it all together.




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Herman van Gelder

Artist, Philosopher

How sweet it is to be lifted from all earthly matters and sore above and beyond the confines of your physical body. All of humanity should experience how weird commonly accepted reality really is.

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Herman - Music

Musician, Producer

Cinematic soundscapes, Breakbeats and some funky psychedelic dancetracks.

Keep yourself informed via my soundcloud page

Here he is!

Beveland 71
Haarlem, Netherlands