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.van onze verslaggever ter plaatse. New York 13 mei 2019 Op times square is het aftellen naar de opening van Herman’s Atelier begonnen. De beroemde klok is aan het aftellen en op 5.844,26 KM afstand van Herman’s Atlier in Haarlem is de anticipatie al goed voelbaar. Over 6 dagen is […]

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Open Atelier 2019

Ik ga mijn carrière in de kunst vleugels geven. En hoe beter te beginnen dan bij mezelf thuis met mensen die ik persoonlijk ken of heb ontmoet. Een laagdrempellig begin. Voorzichtige eerste stapjes uit mijn comfort zone. Ik zie de hele tijd zo’n ijsbeertje voor me die voor het eerst […]

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Controll controls

Henceforth the Herman’s Party of Controll is in Power. All past decree’s by the former ruler are declared null and void except those considered of merit and value by elected Party officials. All political prisoners are to be released! For Herman’s protection and safety a curfew is now in effect […]

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…to new beginnings

Since a while now I have become restless and uncomfortable. My safe-space seemed to shrink. The walls seemed more and more like a prison intend on keeping me locked up instead of a barrier to hide behind. It was time for a change. My truth had shifted. A moment of […]

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Kim English. part II

In my last post I briefly introduced Kim English. I feel the need to go a little deeper and share my thoughts on his paintings.  I regularly visit pinterest and flip through images and paintings and every time his paintings stand out. Why is that? Because they’re so good you […]

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Barry Hilton and colours

There was a time where I struggled to always capture the right colours whenever I painted outdoors. I know now that that I’m a painter and not a camera. There really is no need to be precise about what colours you use. The relation between colours and correct values is […]

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