A pink heap of convoluted goo crawls over a moonlit street in some American suburb. As it slides through da hood it sucks in all kinds of creatures. Livestock, pets, police officers and also uncle Steve. He falls victim, with his face sucked through the kitchen sink. So it goes ( as Kurt Vonnegut would say).

I have been stepping around my social media duties like it was the blob instead of a blog. To avoid getting sucked into the social media entity. Share my data with Mark and his evil henchman, and google and .. whatever. [Rant] All those evil bastards that gain power through our needs and then use it to benefit no one but themselves. If you don’t manage your social media it turns into a personalised add wall.
Fucking cunts and dicks!

OK STOP! .. [/Rant]
HAMMERTIME... whoho whoho whohoho

… Back to the topic at hand. Couple ‘o weeks ago I finished a mural. I proudly present the end result. The picture kindly supplied by Daan Posthumus who shot the whole mural with a wide-angle lens.

I’ll need to expose myself to other human beings more frequently to avoid thinking myself into a hole like some hermit. Locked up in a monastery tower. Going “off grid” like Jason Stetham in some action movie where he kicks a bunch of cronies in the nuts before setting off into the sunset in his Mc Laren. (<- product placement)

Enter end credits here…….

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