[Quote] Laurence Fishburn as Morpheus – Matrix

My aim in most paintings I make is to make the viewer uncertain of what they are actually seeing. The surreal should be hidden at first glance. The discovery should invite you to look deeper. My daughters have the most interesting opinions about what they see at times. It helps me finalize the process by adding a name to the completed work.


An example of how I used different points of view composed into one image.
At first glance you might see yourself looking up a tree. Then looking down on a city from birds perspective. The city streets and buildings recede into the distance and become the grooves of the tree bark.


A canvas is like an empty space without horizion. There’s only gravity to tell you what side is up. Take that away and you’re floating like David Bowie in Space Oddity. That might sound like a comfortable idea but it isn’t. You will be lightning seeking to ground yourself to solid earth. Look for a skyscraper or a tree.

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